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Open Space Lunches

Join colleagues for lunch to talk about the subjects that interest you most.

Open Space is a simple methodology for self-organizing conference tracks. It relies on participation by people who have a passion for the topics to be discussed. There is no pre-planned list of topics, only time slots and a space in the main meeting room where interested participants propose topics and pick time slots. Open Space has a small set of rules that allow groups of people to interact in a simple, productive, organized way to create valuable dialogues that address the participants’ most important issues, perhaps areas of interest that have developed over our weekend together.


Four principles apply to how you navigate in Open Space:

Whoever comes is the right group

Whoever is attracted to the same conversation are the people who can contribute most to that conversation—because they care. So they are exactly the ones—for the whole group– who are capable of initiating action.

Whatever happens is the only thing that could happen

We are all limited by our own pasts and expectations. This principle acknowledges we’ll all do our best to focus on NOW– the present time and place– and not get bogged down in what could’ve or should’ve happened.

When it starts is the right time

The creative spirit has its own time, and our task is to make our best contribution and enter the flow of creativity when it starts.

When it’s over, it’s over

Creativity has its own rhythm. So do groups. Just a reminder to pay attention to the flow of creativity — not the clock. When you think it is over, ask: Is it over? And if it is, go on to the next thing you have passion for. If it’s not, make plans for continuing the conversation.

The Law of Two Feet means you take responsibility for what you care about — standing up for that and using your own two feet to move to whatever place you can best contribute and/or learn.

Prepare to be surprised by the depth and breadth of topics that are discussed in Open Space. Each Open Space experience is unique in some way. Quite often topics are raised in Open Space that are off the radar of the conference — this spontaneity is part of the benefit. It doesn’t matter if you contribute a little or a lot. And you’ll probably be surprised that you may know something that others may not. Everyone has something to give, whether they know it or not — even if it’s the “beginner’s mind” that asks the right questions.

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